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If your main passion is mountain biking we can understand why. It’s a great individual sport that requires endurance, core strength and balance, bike handling skills and self-reliance. It’s also a sport which presents a number of risks to both rider and equipment, which is where cycle insurance can help.

Home Insurance alert

Many cyclists are happy to have their home insurance cover their bikes as it’s usually inexpensive. However, don’t assume you bike is covered as home insurers will usually have limitations and exclusions on how your cycle can be used. Home insurance simply wasn’t designed to insure the modern cyclist.

Once outside the home, almost no home insurance covers accidental damage, personal accident, public liability or any of the other benefits usually associated with specific cycling insurance. Home insurers often impose large excess amounts, commonly in the region of £500 and in addition to this, you home insurance ‘no claims’ may be affected. We recommend you carefully assess the level of cycle cover you have on your home insurance and what your exposure is in the event of claim.

Theft & Accidental Damage

If your bike is stolen or accidentally damaged, we’ll sort it out. Your bicycle may be stolen from your home or from outside your regular coffee stop, if the worst happens we’ll replace your bike with a brand new one if you are the first owner. Any second-hand bicycle will be replaced with a model of the same market value. Either way, you’re covered. We even insure your bike when locked in your car or when secured to your roof rack.

You may be concerned about accidental damage if you’ve ever hit a pothole at speed, slipped on ice or cornered a little bit too fast. We’ll cover you for repairs or a complete replacement and even replace any accessories that were damaged at the same time.

Taxi Fare Reimbursement if you get stuck

In the event of a breakdown don’t get stuck on the side of the road. If you have a mechanical, be safe and get a taxi on us. We’ll reimburse you for transport to your home or the closest transport link up to the value of £250.

Accessories & Clothing

At Wiggle cycle insurance we know how valuable cyclists kit can be so both the Essential and Elite policies offer optional cover for your GPS, clothing, footwear (amongst loads of other stuff) in the event they’re stolen or damaged. Just list it on your cycle insurance policy and your protected.

Emergency Private Medical, Dental and Physiotherapy

If you have a Wiggle cycle insurance policy you won’t need to wait in A&E if you need emergency treatment. Wiggle cycle insurance will provide you with up to £1,000 for private medical or dental care. We’re here to make your experience as painless as possible.

We know you’ll want to get back in the saddle as quickly as possible, that’s why we’ll also give you cover for emergency access to a physio of your choice.

Active road cycling cover and racing

Active Cover

With so many sportives, charity challenges, time trials and mass participation events on offer, it’s essential to get insurance for you and your bike, before, during and after the finish line.

So if you regularly front the peloton or take part in a once a year charity challenge, Wiggle cycle insurance provides cover for you, your bicycle and your specified kit in the UK and globally if you select our global cover.

Don’t risk riding without cycle insurance. Get protection today from as little as £2 a month!

Our Cycle Insurance

Enjoy your ride in the knowledge that you have the right cover. Wiggle cycle insurance makes it easy for cyclists like you to find the right policy for your ride and your pocket. We offer three straightforward policies packed with extensive benefits to provide cyclists with cover you can rely on, exceptional value, and a claims service that will get you back on your bike as quickly as possible, should you need it.

Cycling cover from
£2.00 pm

Expertly designed personal cover to protect you, the cyclist.
£2 million public liability cover
£20,000 personal accident cover
£1,000 emergency private medical & dental treatment

Bicycle cover from
£3.45 pm*

All the benefits of Assist but with complete coverage for your bike too.
Theft, including from roof racks
Accidental damage cover
Multi-bike discount

Cycling cover from
£5.58 pm*

The full package for you and your bike. All the benefits of Assist and Essential, plus extra benefits such as:
Replacement cycle hire
Taxi fare reimbursement
Triathlon transition cover
Global travel cover
Race cover

*Based on a bicycle value of £250.

Who And What We Cover

Wiggle cycle insurance is designed to cover almost every type of bicycle. There’s no need for specialist mountain bike insurance, triathlon insurance or road bike insurance – our straightforward policy fits all!​