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Cyclists ourselves, we understand why you want to insure with the best. We’re here to make the decision easy, so you can ride with the freedom of being covered in the right way at the best price. Compare our standout bicycle insurance benefits and find out what they mean for you as a cyclist. Our dedicated team of cycling and insurance experts have created packages that cater to the specific needs of cyclists, whether you need cover for racing, travelling or commuting to work. We’ve made it easy to compare what cover is included or excluded in each policy.

Wiggle Elite
Home-owners insurance
Pedalsure Gold
Price based on £1,000 bike
£132.60 per year
Under home and contents
from £297.64 per year
Public liability cover
£2 million limit
£1 million limit
Personal Accident
Emergency private medical & dental
Theft away from home
Accidental damage
Replacement cycle hire
Active cover (Racing cover)
Admin fees
20% admin fees
Global travel cover
Up to 365 days
Up to 60 days
Extra charge for city postcodes
Extra charges might apply
Interest on monthly payments
Extra charges might apply
Triathlon transition cover
Between £20 and £100
£75 or 10% of the claim payment value, whichever is the greater
Bike box cover
Up to £5,000
Only when locked away safely in your home
Up to £500
Taxi fare reimbursement
Up to £250
*Comparisons Used The above competitor comparison reflects the details of Wiggle Elite cover, homeowners insurance and Pedalsure Gold cover. The comparison considers and compares insurance that applies to bicycles or cyclists only. Rates are illustrative; you must visit other bicycle insurance sites to obtain a full quote. All quotes are correct as of 06/09/2022.


The UK government has set aside 2 billion pounds to improve bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure over the next five years. Bicycle sales have grown by 60% since March 2020, with an astonishing 92% year on year increase in E-Bike sales across the UK. With more bicycles and cyclists on the road, each rider will have to differentiate between insurance cover levels, knowing when they are covered or not. As fellow cyclists ourselves, we made it easy for you to compare our packages to other market options.

* Source: UK Bicycle Association

Wiggle cycle insurance compared to homeowners insurance

If you have homeowners insurance, it’s essential to know precisely what is covered and what isn’t when you are riding your bicycle. Do you know that your average homeowners’ insurance does not cover your bicycle when you are away from home? What about the damage that is caused by a crash while you’re out riding your bike? It might surprise you to know that the average homeowners’ insurance policy does not cover the damage to your bicycle and excludes personal injury and third party liability cover.

Many cyclists are happy to have their homeowners insurance cover their bikes as it’s usually inexpensive. However, don’t assume your bike is protected, as home insurers will mostly have limitations and exclusions on how you can use your bicycle. A few shortcomings of some home insurance:

  1. Low maximum cycle value
  2. No cover for theft or accidental damage when away from home.
  3. High excess payable
  4. No cover for races, sportives or participating in any event
  5. No cycle-specific benefits like taxi-fare reimbursement, replacement cycle hire and global travel cover
  6. No public liability or personal accident cover

With Wiggle cycle insurance you can cover bicycles up to £15,000 and you are covered should something happen to it when you are out riding or taking part in an event. We have a low excess of £100 and provide you with all the extra benefits like bicycle hire and taxi fare reimbursement.

Why choose Wiggle cycle insurance over other cycle insurance

We’ve taken great care to ensure our insurance offers the best cover for you.

1. At Wiggle cycle insurance, we love bikes. We ride bicycles every day across all cycling disciplines. We know what cover is needed and when. That’s why we made it easy for you to choose between three straightforward packages that will suit your ride. Our packages are packed with extensive benefits so that you can focus on what matters most, riding your bike.

2. Our Wiggle cycle insurance team will take care of all your needs when updating your policy, making a claim or answering any question you might have. You are speaking to fellow riders. We share the excitement when a new bike arrives or fully understand when you were involved in an incident and want to get back on the bike as quickly as possible. We guarantee a cycling-specific customer service journey.

3. Exceptional Value. All three of our packages come standard with personal accident and public liability cover. We put the rider first. Add additional cover options for your bicycle, and choose between active and travel cover when you are a more serious cyclist. With no admin fees, no additional postcode charges and no interest on monthly payments, Wiggle cycle insurance is suitable for any ride and rider.

Our Cycle Insurance

Enjoy your ride in the knowledge that you have the right cover. Wiggle cycle insurance makes it easy for cyclists like you to find the right policy for your ride and your pocket. We offer three straightforward policies packed with extensive benefits to provide cyclists with cover you can rely on, exceptional value, and a claims service that will get you back on your bike as quickly as possible, should you need it.

Cycling cover from
£2.00 pm

Expertly designed personal cover to protect you, the cyclist.
£2 million public liability cover
£20,000 personal accident cover
£1,000 emergency private medical & dental treatment

Bicycle cover from
£3.45 pm*

All the benefits of Assist but with complete coverage for your bike too.
Theft, including from roof racks
Accidental damage cover
Multi-bike discount

Cycling cover from
£5.58 pm*

The full package for you and your bike. All the benefits of Assist and Essential, plus extra benefits such as:
Replacement cycle hire
Taxi fare reimbursement
Triathlon transition cover
Global travel cover
Race cover

*Based on a bicycle value of £250.