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The value of your bike, plus the value of any upgraded components such as wheels, groupsets, seat post etc.
If your bicycle make is not included in the drop-down options, please select "other" in the drop-down menu and specify both the make and model of your bicycle in the "Model" field below.
Bike Year: The year your bike was manufactured. If this isn't applicable, it should be the year which the bike was purchased from new.

To insure a bike over 5 years old, please contact us directly on 0330 016 5113.
Custom Parts: A part of your bicycle which is essential to its function and adds to the value of your bicycle. If you have upgraded any components, you must increase the bikes value accordingly. This includes seat posts, saddles, handlebars etc.
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Accessories: Accessories are a removable add-on to the bike. This includes cycle computers, lights, pannier bags, child seats, Go-Pro cameras etc.
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Wheelsets: For a small fee, you can insure extra wheelsets with us even when they are not on the bike!
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To ensure your cover continues uninterrupted your policy will automatically renew 12 months after the start date. We'll remind you about this ahead of time. If you don't want your policy to automatically renew, you can contact us to cancel the automatic renewal. You can get in touch with us via our Live Chat, by emailing us at contact@cycleinsurance.wiggle.co.uk, or by calling us on 0330 016 5113.

Our 14-day cooling-off period applies at each renewal period, so if you change your mind within 14 days of your policy renewing you may cancel the policy and we'll provide a full refund (provided no claim has been made).